Recently has been found in the Internet various fraudulent websites offering copies of FSSG products , including, the use of audiovisual, text and images property of FSS-G.COM and FSSG Co. without permission of FSSG Co. This represents an Intellectual Property violation and Patent Infringement ( U.S. PAT. 5.705.763 ) by offering UNRESTRICTED access of U.S. PAT 5.705.763 product technology .

In the United States of America, under R.W.R. Public Law 99- 308, approved MAY 19, 1986, NATIONAL FIREARMS ACT, RESTRICTS sales of FSSG products to Law Enforcement Agencies and Military Departments ONLY ; individual agents, officers, soldiers are prohibited . Work to repeal the applicable portion of Public Law 99- 308 or seek something that is transferable .

The FSSG products availability for EXPORT is LIMITED to qualified customers, Police departments, Diplomatic Security, Military personnel, Special Tactics Units, etc. by presenting Purchase Order WITH END-USER CERTIFICATE, issued by local authority. FSSG Co. will provide information about FSS-G products ONLY to qualified and identified inquiries ( name, rank ,address and local telephone number ). Inquiries WITHOUT such information will be deleted.

R.O.W ( Rest of World ) inquiries will be IP address monitored for verification.